Where is my new pokestop?

Hi, my poke stop submission has been accepted more than 2 weeks ago, but it never appeared in the game.

What can i do?

We’re not nominating PokeStops, despite what it says in Pokemon Go. Instead we nominate Wayspots, which can be used in various Niantic games. Essentially when you make a nomination it gets added to a database and each game has its own inclusion rules for which Wayspots will be used.

This page provides an in depth explanation of how this works.

The targa is in Ingress, however due to inclusion rules, it’s not available in Pokemon Go.



In short, you’re not nominating a PokéStop (or a Portal) despite what the game(s) shows.

You’re nominating a Wayspot which can become a Portal or PokéStop if it meets inclusion criteria/rules for that game.

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