That never showed in the game!

Instead of my approved Stop, the shop next door was suddenly turned to a Gym and I doubt they even know what a Gym is. The majority of their “hits” come from the longer existing community-oriented location I have tried for several years to get a Stop. The timing is suspicious. It’s as though they were told they might lose their traffic if a better stop was placed and offered a Gym instead. They are a bar, which normally doesn’t rank a Gym in my long Pokémon GO experience. But Gym or not, my family owned, community oriented business deserves a Stop. In the whole center the only Gyms are Starbucks and the Post Office. Why?

As mentioned in the acceptance email and above post, inclusion rules vary per app of choice. Consider checking S2 cells for PGO if you haven’t already.

Assuming that these are regular wayspots, then any wayspot that is used in Pokémon Go can be promoted to a gym. Gyms are created when a Level 14 S2 Cell reaches a certain amount of active wayspots in Pokémon Go, and it is intended to be a random selection for which Pokéstop becomes the Gym. It’s not like a business that has a regular wayspot can suddenly ask Niantic for their regular wayspot to be promoted to a Gym. That’s not how it works at all. I suggest you look up the Pokémon Go Hub Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells in Pokémon Go as it may help you better understand the systems that are in use in Pokémon Go.

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If you absolutely want a gym at your business, you can try purchasing a sponsored one. Sponsorships last for a year.

To apply for a sponsored stop with Niantic there is an application form that should be filled out directly with them. No personal should be shared in this forum.