I put a link to the listing of the supplemental infoand it still got rejected.Can niantic look at this again?

This also has pedestrian access. Really not sure what I did wrong here

I like these and I’ve had a few accepted. The main thing I would suggest is trying to clear the greenery from around it. The picture isn’t brilliant because all the greenery is obstructing what you’re actually taking a photo of.


I agree, the main photo could be better, and with less greenery.

Again, awful rejection reasons, as not a generic business, and other doesn’t really tell us anything other than that it was rejected.

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If you didn’t have any links and you have to resubmit these are for Historic England



A few others maybe nearby too


Oops, sorry… Reading skills level 0 :face_with_peeking_eye:


Thanks all for your comments. I agree photo can be miles better but it’s so overgrown at the moment that has honestly the best attempt I did. Upside is I have just had an email and niantic have accepted it! Not sure how that works but pleased none the less!