I try to add a McDonalds Waypost

Hello! I Try to add a MCDonalds I don´t know if just the owner or something need to happen to be approve.

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Ineligible location, place, or object

  • A generic business, chain, or franchise that is not locally unique

If a business owner wishes to have a wayspot removed, they can request it.

Personally, I don’t tend to seek any permission to nominate a business, unless I need to ask something like “Do you mind if I briefly move X so I can take a picture of Y?”

That said, I don’t think the vast majority of McDonalds are particularly eligible, though they may have eligible things in them, like playgrounds.

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No, the owner doesn’t have to approve.

Have a look at what makes a good Wayspot and see why you think McDonalds is worth being added.



McDonald’s do not meet eligibility criteria as they are generic, chain businesses. Yes, there may be some chain businesses that have Wayspots, but it may be that were snuck in by reviewers not fully knowing criteria, or Niantic could have created the Wayspot as a sponsored Wayspot, like some Starbucks in the US.

Highly recommend reviewing the eligibility and rejection criteria to know what is and what isn’t acceptable.


Hi @nayitos

the comments above sounds a bit disilusunating, but I want to spend a veeeeery little hope.
If you live (or want to submit from) in rural area and this is the only mc d for very long distance, than it could be eligible as a GREAT place to socialize.

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Even if the area is rural, I’d still seek out places that are eligible first before even looking at nominating a chain business. I’m from a small town, and none of the chain businesses in town have Wayspots. The ones that I have submitted there all meet criteria, i.e. a LFL at the local park, places of worship, art, etc.


Yes, I believe that you do it different. How long is your experience?
Wayfinder are different and I think that this makes a) better discussions b) a colourful map and the important thing c) fun for everyone

I have seen a handful of McDonalds accepted, but as a chain they generally aren’t eligible. A few have playparks outside which are much more likely to be accepted. If the building it is housed in has some historical significance then that might be eligible but you should support the nomination with some evidence.

The bar is pretty high for architecture though, consider this Starbucks in the UK in a building originally designed by architect Sam Scorer… (via Usher Gallery exhibition to celebrate the wacky work of renowned Lincoln architect Sam Scorer - Lincolnshire Live)

The wayspot has the unlikely name of “Hyperbolic Paraboloid Concrete Roof”… a bit of a mouthful when asking “where shall we meet for coffee”?



Where I am, most McDonalds have a wayspot, people here use the fact that most of those have a playground and they submit the playground.

None of the fast food restaurants I live near that have indoor playgrounds have Wayspots. Most have actually gotten rid of their playgrounds for safety and health reasons. Even traveling to different areas of the US I have never seen indoor playgrounds at chain businesses with Wayspots.

Yes, I know that in different parts of the world the criteria is interpreted in different ways. Again, I grew up in a small, rural town, and none of the Wayspots in that area are chain businesses. I now live in a city, but understand there can be differences. However, it is still best to search for places and things that meet criteria in ANY area first before trying to nominate a chain business.

Believe me, I have rejected many chain businesses in small towns that are near acceptable places, like churches, parks, etc, so it boggles my mind at times. Being the the OP is new to the forums, it’s possible they are also new to Wayfaring, and don’t fully know criteria. I didn’t when I started, but was able to find my answers online easily.

As a practical matter, chain food stores and the like will not open stores in small towns where it is unprofitable to do so.
The example Casey gave a long time ago is an extreme analogy.
If Starbucks were the only café in a small town, there is a “chance” that it would be approved.
It is a “possibility.
I don’t recall Casey saying “always approve”.

Well, going back to my earlier point, there is no realistic chance that a McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc. will open in a city with a population of only a few thousand people.
In a city with a population of a few tens of thousands, there are cases of chain food stores, etc. opening in the city.
If it is a Starbucks only, it may be the only one, but in such a city, local residents have already opened cafes and restaurants.
It doesn’t seem to me that it would be a Starbucks bypassing that, and in the case of the US, Starbucks was a PGO sponsor, right? Do you want to grow a double?
You don’t usually grow them, do you?

So that’s what I mean.
We should look for a better POI.

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Lol. I immediately saw that photo and said, “That’s a hyperbolic paraboloid.” Its a really cool shape to use on roofs that you don’t see very often.


Out loud?

Yes. I love cool architecture.


More over

Mac Donald’s has got sponsor

Only in one country and one game. We shouldn’t take sponsorships into our decisions.


You need to be a little creative with fast food chains. Find something interesting. Here is what I did:


what was your description? i reject generic plaques, too


Something like this: “In 1955 Ray A. Kroc established one of the world’s most recognized brands. This plaque is a tribute to him and his accomplishments world-wide as an innovator and entrepreneur.”