Invalid Wayspot Report - “ McDonald's, a fast food, limited service restaurant with more than 35,000 restaurants in over 100 countries”

I am not in this area but another Wayfarer passed this to me who didn’t want to dox themselves or have any comeuppance from getting it removed if it is, as they believed it didn’t meet any criteria. Once the decision is reached, I will be able to notify them.

I wonder how you transition from stating that “they believe it did not meet any criteria” as a belief to asserting “it does not meet any criteria” as a fact. For instance, some fast food places serve as spots where locals gather to socialize.

While that may be true, McDonald’s is a chain restaurant which the rejection criteria state is not acceptable.


There are exceptions where the chain restaurant is locally unique, IE architecture or being the only restaurant in the area. However, this McDonald’s doesn’t fit either of those criteria, as it is generic in structure and there are at least 3 other McDonald’s in the area.


A Cool American Joke that Casey posted a long time ago is often brought up on the topic of whether such chain stores qualify or not.
The reality is that chain stores and food restaurants are in their business, so it is almost 100% unlikely that the only store or restaurant in a small village like Casey describes is a chain.
Therefore, the wayfinder who says this qualifies is misusing Casey’s post.

The only chain store or restaurant that I would say might qualify would be one that is not located in the entire country, but only in a particular region (e.g., state) where many people from other parts of the country come for the special products and food that are only available there.
But many of those distinctive local chain stores and restaurants are already wayspot.
In this regard, we believe that many wayfinders are making the right decision.

The ones who are not making the right decision are the Wayfarer team and Emily, who continue to refuse to remove major chain stores and restaurants, and some wayfinders who take Casey’s American joke as the truth.

However, I apologize if it was always Wal-Mart or McDonald’s that they showed when they invited their own parents to a special anniversary or had a long-overdue reunion with their best friend of a decade.

Where exactly is this McD’s located? Could this have been a title edit, since there are some countries that McD’s did sponsored Wayspots in with Niantic? I don’t play Ingress, hence I ask for the coordinates.

It’s not obvious, but the coordinates are at the end of the hyperlink.

42.152609,-87.950482, got it.

Yeah, in the US, and I don’t think McD’s has ever had sponsored Wayspots here.

…but not impossible.

It’s very rare it’s the only thing in the area, they are at least at a mall or petroleum station.

If it’s artist add the art not the restaurant imo

This is why I checked the ‘Is the Wayfarer community toxic’ in your questionnaire.

Maybe add in ‘Is that a by product of Niantic’s insouciant fecklessness?’ @PkmnTrainerJ

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I never said it wasn’t rare, I just mentioned the scenario would be the exception to the rule.

I’ve added many pieces of art in chain businesses, I’m about to go on a mural in a bank nomination spree.

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Not sure I could do it if it was the only building a million miles

McDonald’s Mccafe is a chain of business that used to be sponsored stops but Niantic has decided to no longer accept these types of chains of businesses

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To be fair those stops were sponsored in Pokémon GO specifically. Niantic never accepted them as Wayspots on the map, the Pokémon GO team created sponsored stops and gyms for their game specifically.

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I get what you’re saying but still I was not vouching for it to be accepted just explaining that POGO has stopped making any kinda businesses sponsored waystops that’s all

Not in the US, though. If you search the term “sponsored Wayspots” online, one of the main results is from the POGo Wiki, and it lists where sponsored stops/gyms in different countries. McD’s has done sponsorsed stops/gyms with PoGo in Canada, Japan, Europe, Central and South America, but not the US. India, due to the lack of Wayspots there, also has some McD’s with Wayspots, but those were added by Niantic from third party map sources.

Also, NIantic still has a sponsored Wayspot program, and has information on their website in regards to how it works. It’s mainly for smaller businesses, but they do still do sponsored Wayspots with different businesses, large and small.

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That is impossible in real world business.
And chain stores in one area of a city should not be included as such.
There is almost always the same family of stores a mile away.

Nothing is impossible…

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My area got a new sponsor not that long ago, so they’re still doing it.

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