Ice Rink vs Specific Title

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Ice Rink

  • Location (lat/lon): 43.948846,-78.8521

  • City: Oshawa

  • Country: Canada

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any): There are five rinks inside this building, and this was an attempt to differentiate between them all. “Ice rink” is not only generic, but not correct as the area is also used for floor hockey and lacrosse.


I thought they were rejecting any title that is longer. TY for the proof. Longer and more specific is better for a game that requires going to find the poi connected to the title. Please reeducate the Niantic reviewers on this @NianticAaron and team!


The longest title I’ve gotten accepted was sixteen words. :sweat_smile: Unfortunately obvious improvents to title and description are often rejected even when reviewed by Niantic. :roll_eyes:

I’ve got proof that sometimes eMiLy goes the other way, but it is anecdotal and I’ve got proof that it goes the way you’re saying too.

There’s a branch for a community college near me that was just titled “Nctc” and my wife suggested the edit to be “North Central Texas College - Flower Mound Campus” and it took eMiLy like two hours to approve the edit suggestion.

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I had a similar issue when help chat allowed appeals for these and tried to appeal a named fountain. This one building development area had three fountains all called Capital Park Fountain. They denied my request. :joy: It was quite funny. However, the community approved the others.

Have you tried to update the description first? That would be easier to do and then maybe a title edit after. I find there is a bit of a process to getting things approved eventually.

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