More specific title rejected by Niantic and again on appeal

Here is the marker I was trying to rename

As you can see, the numbers on the sign make this marker specific, so adding them to the title makes it clearer which sign this is.

Here is the sign that already has that format for the title so that it is very clear which one this one is

Here are the other two signs with almost identical titles to the one I was trying to edit.

I didn’t even think about explaining that abbreviating to PWVG for Park West Village Greenway keeps the text from running off the in game display and is common practice here for long named greenways because I had given a live example using it. If using the abbreviation is why the Niantic reviewers thought the title with more information in it was less informative that the generic one :woman_shrugging:

I would first edit the description to add the abbreviation. Where it already says “Park West Village Greenway”, add “(PWVG)”.

After that’s approved, reviewers will better understand a title change using the initials.

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When I made the title edit, it was coupled with the edit to the description you see there. The abbreviation would have made sense and been accepted if this had been reviewed by the community.

So far when I have tried to resubmit when a title has been rejected by Niantic, it is auto rejected. So I tried the appeal. Through help chat, they accepted all my appeals.

My point in posting here is that they rejected it for having less information when it has more information. I will just leave the crappy title. It is not in my normal play area.

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I have the same issue, its so disheartening when we try to obviously improve wayspots and the edits are rejected.

I have had to make several frustrating attempts to add a description to POI that had none, correct awful spelling, proper capitalisation, add obviously better photos or unique titles. All things that should never be in question.

In your case, I’m not sure that the abbreviation was necessary, I dont mind long titles personally, but to add accuracy and uniqueness is definitely an improvement. Maybe the abbreviation is why it was rejected?

In any case, the system is a mess. Meet me at the trail marker for raid hour. Quick, send a blocking link to the OVW marker…


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