Influencing reviewers

Am I influencing reviewers if I add into the support that I missed the actual location of a submission, still in queue, by 30ish metres and to move it to it’s correct location?

Street view they’ll see

Street view if I had placed it correctly

Distance from correct location

Not everyone is going to find that sign.

This can cause it to be rejected.

The surest thing is to withdraw your nomination and recreate it :wink:


Nobody is going to find it especially the reviewers when they see the street view from the location I chose that’s 30m away from the sign.

I’m interested in if it would be seen as influencing reviewers more than getting the sign accepted which like you say I could easily resubmit :slight_smile:

There not much else around apart from a memorial bench… So I there’s no cell shenanigans going on

Hi @26thDoctor
I don’t think that this falls under influencing reviewers.
You don’t ask for voting. You’re helping the reviewer with supporting informations.
But who I am :sweat_smile:


Seems like an honest mistake that you are aiming to correct rather than anything nefarious or abusive. Better to get it corrected than risk it going in at the wrong place. It would be great if we could edit these things after submitting and avoid situations like this.

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After I realised my mistake I was hoping Emily would pick it up to see what would happen.

I think it has been in queue too long now for that to happen.

I dont think that is influencing anyone

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I think you’re saying that you made a nomination accidentally off by 30m, and it’s still In Queue, so you can edit its supporting information to ask reviewers to please correct the pin. I don’t think that’s abuse. I did it once. Didn’t work. The Wayspot was created where I originally put it. Good luck.

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Thanks. Yes, it’s still in queue.

It seems like saying to reviewers choose this location instead of my mistaken one.

I’ll let it run it’s course and if it’s accepted ask for it to be moved or resubmit later