Internal review

it seems some of my nominations have been taken for internal niantics review… problem is that these nominations seems to be holding other nearby nominations in queue, creating a massive trap of nothing moving forward, i hope we will get an ability to opt-out of niantics internal review in the future or an ability to withdraw nominations that got into voting, as well as withdrawing edits from contribution page
Regards, a frustrated wayfarer

i might have needed to be a little more specific with the timeline, its been over 3 weeks of niantic holding many of my nominations for internal review, while if a nomination goes into regular reviewer voting most of the time it passes in 1-5 days easily… so niantic is essentially holding my nominations for nothing, please stop taking so many nominations if y’all aren’t going to process it… i can count at least 40 nominations weirdly stuck for weeks

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Sorry, posted at the same time as you :slight_smile:

i just made a comment to myself up top lol

It can be frustrating when they take a long time in Niantic Voting. However, in my area they sit in a queue a long time before going into community voting. Then they can be in voting for months. Whereas the wayspots that go into Niantic Voting don’t sit in queue forever and it can take a few weeks for the resolution.
However, I have had more luck with Niantic Voting approvals than community. Often my community reviews need to be appealed unless the complete obvious like a park sign or community playground.

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yeah you right, it’s not the same everywhere, i wish you could maybe opt out from niantics internal review yourself if you wish to

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