Nomination that was pulled in for internal review months ago still stuck in queue

Timeline of events:

  • (23-Feb) Submitted a wayspot nomination, and upgraded it
  • (24-Feb) Nomination disappeared from contributions section on wayfarer. I reported this here, and according to a Niantic employee this was due to it being pulled in for an internal Niantic review
  • (About a week later) Nomination reappeared in contributions, still “In Queue” and “Upgraded”

Since then, nothing.

In the meantime, I’ve submitted a non-upgraded wayspot at a different location that already went through the review process. Typically where I play (Australia) wayspot nominations dont sit in queue for more than a week or two, so its highly unusual to have an upgraded nomination be stuck in queue after 2 months.

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yeah i got problems with the niantics internal review too, at least 30+ of my nominations are stuck like that i just wish i could withdraw them and renominate at this point why the hell are they taking so many if they aren’t even going to process them

I don’t see any of your nomination in internal review. Could you share an example?

what about “Futbolo vartai” at 55.766981,21.133344 or Informacinis stendas at 55.769399,21.125651 then? wayfarer page says its in regular voting but it seems to me that other reviewers just can’t find it during review… all of my nominations in that neighbourhood have been weirdly stuck, today i had one acceptence and it was from niantics internal review

I see that these are in the queue. A nomination in internal review will have a Niantic icon next to it.

well how are these “in queue” if niantics internal review just solved one of them?Wayfarer page displays “in voting” on the one i mentioned, and many more that don’t seem to be actually in voting
edit: “our team” reviewed the nomination in picture while i was writing this message