Invalid wayspot - permanently removed - Pueblo Trail Brick Art

I received this email rejecting a report I made about an invalid stop in Go - the POI has been permanently removed.

I assumed that this was an AI rejection or a hasty review, and so I resubmitted the report. I also nominated the public art that replaced the POI as a waystop. That nomination was accepted.

One can see that the new (to this location) art is visible in the satellite view.

So the new statue is a waypoint now, though not in Go, and the old art which was removed is still a stop in the game. My report has been rejected twice, any idea how to get eyes on it? Thanks!

Hi @BlineMilline
In this forum you can do it.
Perhaps you would go to the category “wayspot appeals” and look at the posts there to get a feeling for what is asked.
The process for this is:

  1. Request in-game
  2. If denied (like your case) get a rejection email
  3. Go to the “wayspot appeals” chat here in forum and post the case with as much proofs as necessary (ever: title, rejection email and proof of not existing anymore)
  4. On one day (nobody knows when) a niantic employee give a judge and post the answer

Good luck!

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Thank you!

Hi @BlineMilline I’ve moved this topic to Wayspot Appeals, be free to share the info needed such as title, coords, etc. asked in this section. Once you do it you will have to wait until a member of Niantic staff see your case and give you an answer.

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Another piece of public art replaced the removed stop. i submitted it as a stop after my second rejection, and it has been accepted as a waypoint.

Here is the new art as seen in the satellite view.

Your topic was moved into this one to don’t have duplicated topics ^^


Thanks for the appeal @BlineMilline After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to retire the Wayspot in question.

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