Is a music school allowed?


My question is right above.
The music school teaches kids and adults, chores …

You have to make your case for it. If you think it meets the explore criteria, then submit it.

Oh your very fast. Thanks
I don’t really understand this K12 stuff, so I doubt

K-12 means a place for only people under 18. A place where the people running it would be expected to have “responsibilty” for keeping those kids safe.

If its a business that serves all ages, then its not k-12.

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I like submitting music schools for both explore annd socialize almost as much as I like submitting trail markers without trail names, but I’ve yet to find one that helps people with chores.


Thanks :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I let it for some laughs

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Finally! NvlblNm humor I understood! :laughing:

I’ve heard the phrase “Singing for your supper” but I’ve never heard of “Singing to clean up after supper”