Is a pedestrian Walkway elegible as wayspot?

Hello community.

I have always had doubts about pedestrian walkways / pedestrian bridge.

If these meet the acceptance criteria as wayspot?

─I consider them to be safe spaces to explore, even if it crosses a road.

─I attach an example that is close to my community and I could propose it as a wayspot.

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Yes, pedestrian bridges are eligible, as they promote exercise and exploration. I don’t live too far from a large pedestrian bridge over an Interstate highway, and it’s had a Wayspot for quite a long time.

Just know that pedestrian bridges can only have one Wayspot, so make sure to choose the best and safest location carefully.


Ohh… I have one near me that needs fixing…

Wouldn’t the middle of the bridge be safe? By definition, it is accessible to pedestrians.

The one near me, and most nominations I see, put the location at one of the entrances, mainly with safety in mind. I think these get chosen the most as to not encourage those driving below to play the games, but the games already have mechanisms in place to know how fast you may be traveling. Also, many of the photos show one of the entrances, which may be why those are chosen for location, even though the nomination is for the entire bridge.

As long as there are safety barriers, like fencing, the middle of the bridge would be most accurate. I can forsee some reviewers try to move the location to one of the entrances, if they don’t think it’s safe, and I can see others choosing thumbs down on Safe.

The whole safety thing with pedestrian bridges is that they allow those who are walking, running, or biking to get to another part of town, without having to worry about road or rail traffic, or even a river or other body of water. Unfortunately, not all view the middle of the bridge as the safest place for a Wayspot, hence why entrances seem to be preferred.

This isn’t necessarily “wrong” but isn’t necessarily truth.

There are situations where multiple Wayspots could be allowed per bridge.

Also, keep in mind. While I don’t share this idea, some think that only footbridges should only be on trails. I think the type shown are just fine and do a great job connecting communities that are often seperated from highway vehicle traffic infrastructure.

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i saw one (not mine) for a pedestrian tunnel pinned in the middle that appeared to be in the median of a 45mph divided roadway when it went live in game. help chat moved it to one end for me. i didn’t want anyone dashing over from the sidewalk, and neither did they. i do think about where the pin is going to look like it is from above and below.