Tunnels vs Bridges

Question - why is it that bridges over highways is accepted as Pokestops however, tunnels that go under highways (for pedestrians, bikes & golf carts) is NOT accepted. Can you tell me why? Tunnels for pedestrians access and safety, should be accepted. Thoughts?


First off, we are submitting POIs to be Wayspots on the Lightship map. Lightship is used by all Niantic games to choose game play locations. Not all Wayspots are in all games, as each have their own density rules. PoGo uses S2 cells, and Ingress has a 20 meter rule, for example.

Pedestrian tunnels may be eligible. There is one at the park I live near that has a Wayspot; it is also a part of the walking/biking trail that goes through that part of the city. It allows pedestrians to cross under the busy avenue above it to the other side of the trail.

A regular bridge that goes over a highway and is just for vehicle traffic is ineligible, as it may be unsafe for pedestrians to cross. However, if there is a pedestrian walkway on the bridge, this may be eligible. I personally do not see many bridges that do have pedestrian walkways with Wayspots, as many are just part of the sidewalks in the city, thus not very unique.

If you have any examples of the tunnels and bridges you are referring to, that would be helpful in figuring out eligibility. Feel free to post any photos or screenshots if you have them.

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Tunnels are more hit or miss on getting accepted, but they can be. I make sure to make a supporting statement about how the tunnel makes the trail safe and passable for pedestrians. They do better if they have signage, like most things.

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I am uncomfortable with this argument.
Whether a road bridge is for pedestrian use only or for dual use by vehicles and pedestrians, the purpose for which it was built is to ensure passage, not to encourage exercise. I believe that a bridge with no decoration or other features and no narrative does not meet the criteria for acceptance. I believe the same applies to tunnels.

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Ensuring passage under a street enables further exercise and exploration that may be far more difficult or impossible without a tunnel.


I think it should be recognized, but it is important that the applicant shows the history and usefulness of the object and that there is a name that can be recognized. You can’t get the fruit for free. If you don’t show the way to get it or its value, no one will pay attention to it.

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There is no rule saying pedestrian tunnels are not eligible. You need to demonstrate a relevance. A simple common urban underpass is highly unlikely to qualify.
However a tunnel (just like bridge) that is key on a trail can be.

As always you need to make the case.


That’s a cool looking tunnel!

I think they can be okay when given a good writeup. But sometimes difficult to show what’s interesting/cool about them. Might take a few tries.

The ones with artwork inside are pretty good nominations though, have had some of those accepted without much trouble.

Most tunnels over here have some sort of elaborate murals painted on the inside which I’ve submitted plenty of.


This is the tunnel that I tried to add, it is only for walking, bikes and golf cart path (this is a golf cart community, with our own golf cart / walking / bike paths)

I am new to this forum, so I am not sure if I am correct in how to do this, but would appreciate any guidance you can offer, I am requesting stops and many are being denied, not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks…

So, your the person that keeps denying my requests ha ha

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Actually if your email says “our team” then that means it was Niantic or their ML (AI reviewing) tool.

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True, but that doesn’t mean it is the purpose of the tunnel. A sidewalk/pavement can help one exercise, but is typically just standard infrastructure. If the tunnel is part of a named trail that is used specifically for exercise and/or exploring, then the tunnel can be a good candidate. If the tunnel is just under a highway overpass, then it is just standard infrastructure and not something that would make a good wayspot.

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Generally, tunnels or footbridges tend to be approved in the US when on trails or when they appear to be “unique” in some way. Tunnels help connect people to their destination and in many in my region it isn’t uncommon to find children playing in them, plus everyone loves going through them screaming “aaaaahh.” They are vital infrastructure for keeping pedestrians away from motor traffic. However, as they are infrastructure, some people review them strictly as that.

To what you’ve shown/said, I have difficulty applying the same exploration & exercise criteria to a tunnel intended for golf cart traffic. But from a brief look at things, I don’t think I’d explicitly have rejected it. I do suggest nominating something closer to your Supporting photo as the primary, though.

I would add that this was an “older” nomination of mine and if I were doing it today I would have put the tunnel significance in the Description rather than only Support. Really “front load” why you think this tunnel is important for the community and provide a picture that tells reviewers exactly what the candidate is.