Is image taken from Drone a valid POI image?

Real life example during Global Challenge reviews:

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Drone photos, if not being a 3rd party photo taken from another source, are not
violating photo guidelines or criteria


Yes if it was taken by the submitter.

No if it is a third-party image.


Potentially there may be interesting side effects or issues with Drone photos.

Example scenario:

  1. Fly a drone to remote island say 10 km from coastline and from your position
  2. Take image and supporting surroundings image from object that is not yet POI in Wayfarer
  3. Use Ingress App to do Nomination to Remote island and use photos taken with Drone earlier
  4. When nomination gets accepted in Wayfarer you get a portal key in Ingress and
    you also get one tick increase to your Unique Portals visited stats even personally you have been 10 km away from actual Portal

Is this possible or did I miss something?

At step 2 you can fly a drone 1.6 meter above ground level so it is impossible to say if image is taken using a drone or by person standing next to object.

If someone’s flying a drone 10km away and back just for a key and a badge tick, I think they deserve the key and tick.


Yes. Consider this. You take a picture of a nomination with a professional camera from the top of a very high ladder or vantage point for the best quality and to nominate later. You get home, do edits on the photo to make it pop more or to get rid of areas where people are in the photo. You then transfer the photo to your phone and nominate it.
Consider a person with a selfie stick taking a picture. Same thing, different method.
Now consider taking a photo with a drone. You are doing the same thing with the technology of a camera with propellers and not putting yourself at risk of falling or having to ride a helicopter or something.

The method of which you take your photo isn’t what you should be worrying about. Whether the photo is a picture of a postcard or downloaded from a source that’s not yours (Google street view for example) or photos used without the permission of a picture’s owner (a professional photographer with their photos water marked or their signature cropped out as other examples) then that’s what you should be looking out for.

I hope that helps.

I arleady found alot of nominations that had photo taken by a drone and i think its ok

Sounds like a very cool way to get a good image of something large or awkward.

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