Feature idea: Allow editing / replacing a photo in your Wayspot and Photo submission in Wayfarer

Example case:

  • You have submitted a Wayspot or Photo that is more than 20 km from your current location.
  • You notice later that the photo contains something that is not acceptable (license plate, face, etc…).
  • You want to upload a new (cropped) and valid photo.

For submission that are closer than 10/20 km you can always do the following:

  1. Withdraw submission from Waywarer
  2. Download your photo from Wayfarer and crop photo so it does not contain licence plate, face, etc. any more.
  3. Make a new nomination with valid (cropped) photo. Ingress submission limit 20km?, Pokemon 10km?

But for submission that you have taken from far away where you are not returning anymore
(say photo from foreign holiday trip, etc.) you cannot do anything and it is certain rejection from Wayfarer.
And your almost “so perfect” holiday submission is lost.

With photo upload feature you could also submit better looking version from your photo:


  • You have submitted a Wayspot or Photo that is more than 20 km from your current location.
  • You notice later that half of your photo contains just asphalt and is not related to object itself.
  • You want to upload a new better looking (cropped) photo.

Personally prefer a cropped photo on right:

Photo above is from Ingress Intel Map and not my personally taken photo.

Wayspot and Photo submission need to be “In Queue” to allow replacing a photo.


Ill add to this and say, can we also get rhe option to edit the map position as well? The ampu t of times ive submitted something only ro see the map placement had been wrong due to low signal, wrong submission etc (for example, submitting multiple information signs that look similar and getting mixed up), it would be so much easier to just make the edit rather than havig to fully submit again


I think Niantic doesn’t care if the picture is pristine (as long as it doesn’t meet rejection criteria.) Because it’s easy to upload another picture, and picture adds are low risk for abuse.

Allowing edits from your sofa wouldn’t help most bad picture cases, because you can’t see the crop. Your first picture above would probably crop better in Ingress, and your second picture in PokemonGo. MANY wayspots in game are statues with no heads, and clocks and signs are just poles.

IOW adding a picture edit ability to nominations In Queue would be a lot of work for Niantic, with very little gain.

Editing location In Queue would be nice, because it’s very hard to change once live - and loc edits are high risk of abuse. BUT if it’s offset, reviewers have a chance to fix it. So in Niantic’s mind, that’s two ways location can be fixed.

Also I don’t think they have the “use case” that we might make mistakes. They see everything as deliberate. Even if, when you made the nomination, the sun was bright, your battery was low, your fingers were frozen, and your friends were calling you to hurry up.