Is it possible that I got banned for nominations?

Is it possible that I got banned for nominations? I didn’t cheat on my pokemon go account but unfortunately I still got banned for 30 days, from the search I figured it might be because of my nominations, I nominated the same nomination 5 times but unfortunately the AI ​​didn’t always accept it every time. Is it possible that the ban is for this? Since no one from Niantic responded to my ban appeal, I’m trying this way, the GO fest is about to start and I’m without an account thanks to this.

It is possible to get a ban if your nominations are considered Wayfarer Abuse.
If your ban is for Wayfarer nominations then the email you got informing you will clearly state it is because of Wayfarer. It would link to the appropriate appeal process etc.
So if it doesn’t then it will be about Pokemon Go, and you have to follow the correct appeal submission route.

A member of the Wayfarer Team may be able to confirm.

Well, the problem is that I didn’t receive the required email, I have gmail, pokemon trainer club and apple id, all my friends go to gmail, nominations, achievements, everything, unfortunately nothing for me, so I didn’t even receive the required email about the ban .

If you did not receive any email, it is unlikely that the ban was because of Wayfarer. Anyways, tagging @NianticAaron @NianticLC for a confirmation.

My problem is also that I don’t receive any emails from wayfarer. Do you think there is any chance of getting a pardon? Because I don’t think I’m breaking the nominations rules too much. I just wanted to nominate a sundial but for some reason the AI ​​didn’t always accept my request and I was new to nominations, I didn’t know you could send an appeal

It should go to the email associated with the account. Have you checked all the email addresses that are or have been attached to the account?
Do you get email confirmation of nominations?

It’s also impossible to contact Niantic support, so I’m looking for some reason or way to defend myself.

Unfortunately, I don’t receive confirmation about the nominations at all, I already have several nominations there and I haven’t received any information about any of them, my original email is linked to the pokemon go account

Emily rejections do not trigger bans.

I would suggest that you check all emails that are or were connected to your account as suggested by the good ambassador.

We can only guess. Nia needs to confirm your suspension status.

Is there a different email linked to PTC or Facebook? Check all email addresses

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I only have gmail, apple id and pokemon trainer club linked to the account, I checked everything and there is no mail or notification anywhere. Otherwise, this account was never linked to another email, I still use the original one there

In that case, your ban should not have come from Wayfarer.

If you have played any Niantic game at all and used a different email it could be there.
@NianticLC is it possible to arrange a DM to try and assist please?

I tried to contact niantic support, unfortunately no answer or explanation why and what the ban should be for. I am very sorry for the upcoming GO fest, for which I bought a ticket just before the ban.

Hey @kovovski,

Your suspension has nothing to do with Wayfarer. Please reach out to Pokémon GO support for any further information.


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Thank you for the advice, unfortunately I have already tried this method, it has been 2 weeks, I have submitted 2 requests and no response.

I’m sorry but the Wayfarer Team can only assist with Wayfarer issues.
You could try X to contact the Pokémon Go team.
At least you are clear it is not to do with Wayfarer,


Not trying to be annoying, but just asking - did you check your junk mail/spam folder and deleted items folder to make sure emails aren’t being automatically sent there?