Is there any way to report photos? + How to improve waystop photos in not so popular areas?

In my area, not too many players have the required level to submit or to like photos. Because of this, most of the displaying photos in wayspots are 10 years old, and quite a lot of them were taken at night, for some reason.

As they’re the oldest, they inevitably have gathered the most likes (not too many, though, the most popular ones have like 12 likes). So, when submitting new (and better) photos, it’s very unlikely that they will gather enough likes to be the displaying photos. I’m okay with that, as it is only a matter of time, but it does bug me a little when I submit nice photos and the current displaying photo is a 10 year old picture that was taken with a greasy Nokia 3310 at 3 AM.

When reviewing photos in wayfarer, I usually get to choose between two photos. How does that work? How are the photos users review chosen? As far as I know, there’s no way to report certain photos, so I’m guessing that photo reviews happen when a user submits a new photo. A popular waystop near me has around 6 photos, being half of them (and the displaying one) taken with a potato-phone. If I submit a new photo, which of the 6 photos will be reviewed by, well, reviewers? What would the best course of action be for improving waystops in this case?

You can report photos that need to be removed through help chat from the help menu on the wayfarer site. Photo reviews show us the current Wayspot photo that Pogo displays, plus additional photo(s) that have been submitted to review. We do not affect the current photo with our vote there.

The Machine Learning model has been automatically accepting a lot of photo adds for me lately. Is very cool not to have to wait for community review.


Oh, didn’t know that! Thank you!

Hi @cyndiepooh
When did you do that the last time?

August 4, 2023 is the most recent time I see in my ticket saver tool

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Since the recent changing for edit appeals, it isn’t possible to do it that easy way.
You have report it as abuse.
I did it about 3 days ago, or so, with a veeeeery bad feeling and got no response.
I’m not every day around this POI to check if they did it but don’t talk about.

Edit: I got a response this evening. They removed the bad photo and do action against the responsible wayfinder :disappointed_relieved:. It was only a bad, old photo

Which abuse workflow are you referring to, just so I know where to look?

For my recent reports (which have all been duplicate photos I submitted myself), I’ve been using Wayspot Appeals . There I could include a copy of the duplicate image.

But if there is a more official way, I’ll switch to that.

Hi @nexushoratio
Before edits went to our contribution page, you could easy follow the process @cyndiepooh described.
Now, you can only do it via helpchat as you use the abuse report button.
You can find the discussion here:

And the solution in my case was what I described above.

Ahh, that is the important bit. Via helpchat.


oh now i see what you were asking. the criteria issues were always under the “abuse” section. i don’t like that, but that is the way it has always been

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Ok. I understand now. Before the edits went to contribution page, there were several ways to do remove old photos.
You chose ever the way over abuse, and I chose “edit” → “photo edit” and than the same questions as you got.
I tried it the first time by “your” way and my response included, that they will take action against the wayfinder.
I’ll really think about doing that anytime again

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i may not be able to find it, but i know that niantic has said that they will decide if it is abuse. i know i have corrected my own things without getting accused of abuse.

Ok, that would make sense. That they proof each case and decided based on this.
Maybe I try it a second time :smile:

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