Is this abuse or just reject?

I just reported my first abuse nomination and now I’m questioning if that was the right action!

The mom was for an old milestone, that on first glance looked like a great nomination, easy to approve.

But then on the map, there was clearly no milestone where it was showing in the photos, but the driveway etc did look pretty similar.

Then i noticed in the photos submitted there was an electricity pylon in the distance, and some sort of bar going overhead a little closer - looking again at the map, it was very clear that neither of those were present, so I’m pretty confident someone took photos of this from elsewhere and then nominated it on their own driveway. For this reason I clicked abuse and fake nomination.

Is that the right thing to do if I genuinely believe someone has done that? Or should I rejection for mismatched location? Giving the benefit of the doubt that maybe the pin is just in the wrong place because they walked a little to get a signal, then dropped where they were stood in error or something?

I’m also concerned that I’ve reported it, but other reviewers will look at the photos, glance at the map and think the surrounding area looks about right and approve it, thus dropping my rating further!

Have no concerns. Niantic make the decision about abuse. You are just flagging it to their attention. If it was fake, it absolutely should be flagged for them to look into.


Thank you for the reassurance! I prefer to give the benefit of the doubt where something is ambiguous. But I also try to look at all evidence presented to see if I can find something to corroborate!

My concern is I couldn’t add a comment to say why I thought it was abuse.

Yes, that sounds like abuse but I’m not sure that reporting abuse always results in anything being done.

There’s a good chance that you will see it submitted again, if you do then you can report it in the Wayfarer forum.

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I always try to see what the date is on the Google map imagery as well. More so on the older system, I use to write a lot: “Google Map out of date” as supplement information for other reviewers to consider.

Pretty sure the Google map image was taken after this supposed old milestone was placed… not sure Google existed back then :joy::joy::joy:

Yes it’s a handy tip for something much newer. I know I recently submitted a brand new statue of the Queen, literally unveiled that day, so I linked to a news report about it to prove it existed as it couldn’t be on the map yet.

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yes sorry more so on the topic in general then the particular submission you were worried about.

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