Legit nomination but marked abuse

Hello , i got all of my nomination marked as abuse even know some of them is legit for nomination

Can you share some more information - would help if we could see the whole nomination for the ones you’re concerned about?

Have you checked your emails?
You said “some” are legit. Could some be regarded as fake or intentionally misplaced?

i got all of my nomination got rejected and marked abuse. some of this i attached are a mosque , prayer rooms at a office , mosque tower and religious sculpture at church. i believe one of the staff at niantic who reviewed all my nominations didnt read it properly and just reject and marked it as a abuse even know its legit.

yeah i already am

Jesus Christ Cross looks okay to me, albeit you’ve only shared the image and not the whole nomination

The 2nd nomination seems to have a car number plate in it, so I would have rejected it for that reason. Again, we don’t know if there’s anything else ie location issues etc due to the cropped nomination

Prayer Rooms tend to be accepted in my country, so unsure there

I can’t really tell what the 4th nomination is - a better image would likely help a lot

Would be useful to see the whole nomination rather than just the title and picture

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i also got this nomination , one is a library and one is a National Program for Community Empowerment, hereinafter referred to as PNPM Mandiri, is a national program in the form of a policy framework as the basis and reference for the implementation of poverty reduction programs based on community empowerment.

Sorry but it looks like you’re trying not to share the location you’ve nominated these at? All the maps are cropped. Abuse flag might be related to the location that youre submitting at, so we can’t rule that out. They could also be bad decisions on seemingly eligible items, in which case that sucks and I’ve had this before - aparrently I submitted an abusive swing once :sweat_smile:

Its all a bit hard to follow with so many examples and all the images not being shared together.

Maybe we could focus on 1 at a time, share our ideas as to what happened and improvements that could be made, then move onto the next?

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The abuse could also be in the supporting text. Please share one FULL nomination marked as abuse if you want help trying to identify what the abuse was. If your emails say “our team” decided, then this was from Niantic, not the community.

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this is a mosque at one of the electricity office

You still did not show the supporting text.

Okay ty! I hope someone can figure this out for you.

also this one plaque near my house

sure , thx for the help

First thing Im noticing is that the support images are the same as the main images - they are supposed to show the surroundings so the thing you’re submitting should be visible but also showing more of the area surrounding it too - ie a zoomed out image, or where you’ve stepped back across the street to take a wider shot.

That might not be the reason, but, it will help your nominations in future

You also have very short description and support info - it may help your nominations to write 1-2 sentences for the description and in your support info try to mention what critieria you believe your nomination meets, including anything to help reviewers locate it when doing their checks.

These things might help your nominations in future.


Did you submit Wayspots that are in violation? If yes, they may remove all your other nominations if they detect abuse. Not trying to accuse you but just putting across a point.


From the full one I looked at (the mosque), I don’t see anything in that nomination that stands out as abuse. The main and supporting being the same photo is a red flag, but I could not find that photo elsewhere on searching, and the location in the nomination matches the position of the mosque on Maps. There wasn’t anything in the supporting info that I think could be abuse. I think it is probably what @Mystogan5097 suggested: that something else you submitted was flagged and that caused all your nominations to be rejected. If you received an email about another nomination, you can try replying to that and see if you can get an answer.

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well because i just passing by so i had one shot