They marked my nomination as abuse. Am I in trouble?

I tried to convince the community that it was safe by putting an article link from the hospital that says the a&e is 500m across the road. I try and link to niantic clarification and they didn’t believe me. Then I tried explaining the street view is 7 years old and out of date. I even took a second photo for the appeal reviewers from a different pov. But they still don’t believe me. And they mark it as abuse. What can I do to explain this is not abuse and not get punished? At this point I am going to have to record a video…

I wonder if this was actually rejected as it’s in a children’s ward in a hosiptal, which may be off-limits to some people. I know there is strict security at the local hospital in my city in order to get into the children’s wing. Think of it similarly to a school; many hospitals don’t want strangers roaming around a children’s ward/wing and enhance the security in those areas. This may be a hard one to even get approved.

I did a Google Image search of your screenshot, and found this article that says it’s in a children’s wing of a hospital.

At this point, if you haven’t gotten an email from Niantic about the abuse, I wouldn’t be too worried. I think a reviewer may have thought this was a fake nomination, thus the abuse rejectoion, as that’s not the reason the appeals team chose.


Okay. Thankfully I haven’t got any email about abuse so maybe I think I am in the clear.
I thought it was okay since I was able to walk from the nearest entrance at the car park to it in question without any issues. I have gone back and recorded a video of me doing that, so that with your deliberation you might notice something that makes it wrong that I am not noticing. Because I might be missing some thing.

I am not going to try and push this one too hard even if it is otherwise eligible. It’s too tiring trying to play with the system. But being able to know that I’m definitely either in the right or wrong is relieving enough.

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