Is this photo acceptable?

I uploaded this nomination to the queue yesterday. However, after looking closer at the picture I realised now that there’s a license plate in it. It’s not the focus of the image so is blurry, but I don’t know if it’s distinguishable enough to make it ineligible.

It’s not really legible in my opinion. But some reviewers might tag it as ‘submitter identifiable’ simply for having a car in the background. I’ve had a couple of submissions rejected like that. I guess they might think it’s your car deliberately included in the image as a signal to others. The image is also slightly tilted, that could also be a reason for rejection. But personally I would vote to approve this. :sunglasses:

I think the plate is too blurry to be readable but I think it will be rejected nonetheless - I’ve done similar in the past and my general experience is that any car part in the photo is somehow bad for reviewers in my area :laughing:

I can’t read it.

Reviewers will probably be annoyed at the picture angle too :roll_eyes:

Maybe this would be better without the zoomed in pixelation?


Well… the issue is it had already been approved by Emily by the time I’d noticed. So I can’t do much other than submitting a new photo and upvoting it over the old one. Then again if it was auto approved then it couldn’t have been enough to get rejected. Thank you though


Emily did a good job! Glad it was approved


I think it’s acceptable. If I saw it as a reviewer I might have put “I don’t know” on the photo because of the license plate, but since I can’t decipher it I probably would have just voted yes it’s fine. If you’re worried about it though, since it was accepted, once the waypoint is live in your game you could submit an added photo that you like better without the car/license plate, or even a slightly cropped version of the original.