License Plates in Japan

I get many photo reviews from Japan. What I noticed is that there are surprinsingly often photos where japanese license plates on cars are clearly visible (even though that you have to zoom in from time to time).
As far as I know those photos have to be rejected, which is exactly what I did. However, since there are many more such photos as I am used to, I beginn to question myself if I got something wrong there.
Is a clearly visible license plate still a rejection reason for photos?
Do license plates work differently in Japan?
Do I mistake something else for license plates?

I usually look if I need to zoom in, if I need to Zoom in to red it, I accept it if it’s visible just from looking at it I reject


If it’s fully readable at any zoom level then I tend to reject, roughly the same principle for faces. Just because you can’t see it in PoGo or Ingress or any other current Niantic game doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to see them in some future game.


And the two answers you’ve received thoroughly demonstrates how our ratings can easily drop! Two very definite answers, with logical reasoning for both.

I think I’d err on the side of caution and reject if it can be read on zooming in.


Yeah if it’s readable on any zoom level i tend to reject them.

And yes, this is the exact example how our ratings are dropping :rofl: Maybe Niantic should make their regulations a bit more specific

If I can clearly read them on any zoom level I reject them as well. I just go with what I know versus considering what everyone else is doing. This works for reviews as well. I might not get many agreements, seeing as though there are generic community sings everywhere for a new neighborhood, but my standing is still great.
There are several photo edits I have rejected all on. :person_shrugging: I imagine it is hard to take a photo with so many people around, but depending on the angle, time of day, or time of day you can get a decent photo.

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