Just got my strangest review

A bunch of pictures, select which dont belong, and its people in their house in bed watching tv, taking pictures of their kids, a picture of a fast food menu, a statue of a small boy with…something there, and a sheet with a stain on it.

this one?

I reviewed that on the 17th. I am surprised that they are still in the system if this is it.

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Yes, seems very strange to me idk. Like why is that even a thing to vote on? Shoulda been rejected from the jump

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Yeah, the nominator obviously was trying to upload the statue photo and accidentally selected a whole bunch of extra photos too. Good thing there wasn’t anything more private than those :smiling_face:

lol could you imagine lol.

@NianticAaron is it possible to remove this one please it really ought not to be in the review flow.

I’m unable to locate this Wayspot. @cyndiepooh any chance you got the lat/lon?

Here you have the location: 34.924858,136.945905
Luckily I reviewed this one 1h ago.

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I searched the same name but it seems it appears translated in your screenshot. I had to check my photo review to find it ^^

Edit: This was an answer to a comment made by cyndiepooh related to having problems to find the review.

i deleted since you had posted already

that is definitely the portal Ingress

Thank you.

That should explain why I could not locate it.

These have been removed from the queue.


Thanks and great all round team work :sunglasses: