Like a monkey with a miniature cymbal

I took a picture of the sign because… Signs.
If this was a one off that’s fine. I’ve added about 15-20 Wayspots at Marble Hill Park so it’s no big deal. Fair enough that a non UK person wouldn’t know about English Heritage but links…

A quick perusal of the forum brings up plenty of similar head scratching rejections. Mine was Niantic in voting but you can find plenty from Emily or community reviews, appeals that make no sense.

If you are looking for others similar you’ll probably have to make your way through 100 where’s my p0kest0ps threads. Maybe you’ll find some Men’s Warehouse poi threads, removals that shouldn’t have been removed, additions that don’t meet the criteria and won’t be removed. Countries worth of poi that Niantic added that definitely wouldn’t pass their addition rules… Looking at you India and Turkey.

Maybe it’s just a Wayfarer problem, except Go is plagued with the same inconsistencies and lack of communication, GBL, broken raids, broken routes…as is Ingress, as was WU.

Something I often see is that Niantic staff don’t know what they are doing, they can’t code brah. I haven’t found that personally from the @niantic staff here.

I’m positive Ingress players would say they have seen the same thing since day 1 over and over and over and over.

Maybe it’s Niantic management that are the monkey or maybe that’s us.