Parks without signs

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The original rejection was the ML system - it never went into community voting.

In my appeal I linked the criteria clarification for parks which states that they don’t need a sign.

What does everyone think? Did I get this one wrong?

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Have you got something that shows this is a park, and maintained as a park?

Not really? the grass is cut, there are trees, theres a playground in the middle, and a nature reserve too, which can be seen on the google map. But its all inside this green space which is good for ball games and picnics etc.

The address is confusing because there are at least 3 streets leading to it so the playground stop is called Caleta Close, maybe needs a title edit? but this entrance is off Peel Close. I didnt find Rothwell Walk but that’s what google calls it so I assume that’s another street :laughing:

Here’s satellite @elijustrying

Add Rothwell Walk Recreation Ground to Google maps?

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How do I do that? That should definitely help, yeah

In maps, pin a place by long pressing, pull up the tab and add a missing place

I added a cricket pitch tag to something the other day, the maps edit went through in a day

This one for High Wood Gate entrance was done about 2 months ago and still waiting

If it works you owe me a shiny Ducklett.

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Oh, wow, that was easy :laughing:
Google immediately added it.

I guess I have to go back down there to re sumbit, then wait for Emily to reject, then wait 20 days for a new appeal, then wait for it to be rejected for being a normal recreation ground?

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Google Maps adds almost anything, just to let you know. I’m having issues with a local park that Google has named after the avenue it’s on, but as long as I’ve been alive, and I asked my parents, too, they now it by another name, named after an important person in the town. Even the local parks and rec website for the city has it listed as being named after the person, not the avenue.

I’ve submitted a few requests to Google now to have it updated, but nothing has changed. Interestingly, the 4 Wayspots I submitted with the correct name for the park were all approved by ML, and only the playground there has the wrong title/description.

Google is a lot more lenient that Niantic, I will say that, but also at times harder to get updated, too.

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