Location edit rejects - should I appeal/resubmit?

Thought I’d get this started, as I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering how to handle these with the new appeals system, and with little luck previously appealing rejected location edits in the old forums.

So, I had some location edits in voting before the challenge started, and some have been accepted, but most rejected. So, I’m trying to figure out how to handle the rejects.

First one is for a restaurant that I remember reviewing for a new Wayspot, and moved the location from the street sign to the building. However, it was accepted at the street sign, hence why I did a location edit to move the Wayspot onto the restaurant building. It has been rejected during the challenge. Here’s the info for this one:

Wayspot: Brew Bird
Existing location: (46.877274, -96.798425)
Suggested edit: (46.877187, -96.798619)

Next is one for a historic building, where the Wayspot was on the northeast corner of the building. I suggested to move the Wayspot to the middle of the front of the building, but this has been rejected as well. And here’s the info for this one:

Wayspot: Knerr Block
Existing location: (46.873986, -96.791237)
Suggested edit: (46.873847, -96.791348)

I feel we need some more guidance on location edit appeals, as these are the ones I get rejected most often. Title and description edits aren’t rejected as much for me, and I tend to either correct grammar for titles or add descriptions to Wayspots that don’t have anything.

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Amusingly enough, this morning while reviewing, I moved the location from the building to the street sign, because that is what the photo was. And the building has a perfectly fine logo that could have been used instead.

Anyway, if I had received this location change request, I would have been presented with two options to choose from with no indication of which was old and which was new. I would have dropped to street view, saw the sign that matched the photo andthe building has no logo, and so selected the sign on the corner again. Effectively rejecting your submission.

In this case, resubmitting would likely get the same result, over and over. So, likely an appeal.

I doubt I would’ve been able to take a good photo of the street sign, being short. But yeah, that’s what I was thinking, especially since they put on their sign to PLZ EGGS-IT CAREFULLY (it’s a very busy intersection), and I felt it would be safer for pedestrians if the Wayspot was on the restaurant building instead of the street sign.

I didn’t come across these location edits. But often I look at what the main photo is. If it is the street sign and is in a safe location, I would put it there. Although I know often the sign is for the restaurant and some don’t have a sign on the actual building. I looked up Brew Bird and noticed the sign is the main photo and there is a sidewalk there. You could try an appeal for this one or try and upvote the photo to the building or even the bird outline I see inside. Also, others have noted that you can do smaller location edits via help chat rather than appeal. However, from experience they will likely leave it where it is unless you explain why the move is necessary or upvote a picture of the building/inside etc.
It has been ages since I was in Fargo! Looks like a great little spot.

As for the other edit - Knerr Block. I would just push it back a little as it looks via satellite to be closer to the road. The wording on the building is on that corner so I wouldn’t myself approve an edit to a different location.

That intersection is super busy, not the safest, which was my main reason for moving the location for Brew Bird, but also to be accurate and have the location be on the building.

Any time I get a submission for a business where the sign is the main photo but the location is for the sign, not the actual business, I move it to the business, as that’s the place you want to check out.

True. I would just put a location edit in with help chat and tell them why for safety and for exploring why it would be different. Also the aspect of socializing is at the business itself.

And I do see that there is the Knerr building on the corner, the Floyd building to the south. It’s a really old Wayspot; I mean, the main photo for it is iffy.

I also requested a location edit for the Dakota Business College building just north of the Knerr, as currently it’s closer to the sewing business, and that building isn’t even apart of the original college building. Haven’t gotten a decision on that.

I think I might try appealing Brew Bird first, and emphasize that it should be moved for safety, accuracy, and better socialization. Help chat hasn’t always been kind to me, and we aren’t supposed to appeal edits there anymore.

Yes that is true. I just know it will take forever for all my location edits, when many will be ‘unable to determine’ due to being in a tree covered area. I have a line up of nominations I need to appeal. I guess the issue is to continue to resubmit those instead and hope the AI picks them up or Niantic Voting. Thus leaving appeals for location edits. I currently have about 53 location edits I am waiting on not including any that I would like to actually withdraw from the queue. I imagine at most only 25% will pass.

All of my location edits have been at Wayspots with both good satellite and Street Views. And I don’t use my appeals much, so not that big of an issue.

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A couple of hours ago, I discovered that appealing in chat is no longer an option. Just the >10m moves.

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It is frustrating. Would be nice to be able to add a comment/supporting photo for a location edit.

Well, my appeal for Brew Bird was rejected, even with the supporting info for why it should be on the building.

Location edit appeals are just not that easy to do, even when there is good Street View…

Any edit, actually.

To some extent, that is what the appeal process is supposed to accomplish. But it could possibly reduce the back-and-forth.

Having only 2 appeals every 20 days it seems more likely people will spam edits rather than appeal.

I mean, I maybe appeal once a few months, so I’m not spamming them. But yes, it’s possible, and it’s also possible that the Report Abuse or Report a Wayspot web forums could get spammed.

I was referring to spamming edits. I know often if my title gets denied as the description is often accepted then I need to focus on a newer photo or up-voting one. I have one wayspot that has 4 different wayspot/potential wayspots photos on it and I have been trying to update it to the actual one there.

Most of my title edits are to fix grammar, correct spelling, and those typically get approved without issue. ML has been approving many of these for me lately. My description edits may be the same, but there are also Wayspots without descriptions, so I’m adding one, and again, I tend not to have an issue. All my photo submissions have also been accepted, so it’s just location edits that are a pain for me.

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