Location edits?

Yes. I had a few today while reviewing and if I click a few times it actually turns out they are stacked.


Google Maps is not the only source of imagery.

I’ve submitted nominations where the supporting message said something like “GMaps is out of date, use Bing maps” and included a link to the sat or street view.

So, when reviewing, and can’t figure something out, sometimes I’ll check other sources to see if maybe they are more up to date.

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There will be 2 dots, but so close to one another that they look like one. Never sure why they have location edits, but oh well, at least those are easy :laughing:


A bit too much effort tbo

I submit location moves that are probably < 1m all the time.

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How come? What is the benefit?

Because it wasn’t right.


Ah I see, but those aren’t even up to date. They work off Google maps right?