Multiple location edits

Hi all! What causes these multiple location edits ? How do I choose? Thanks !

I ended up submitting four location edits for the same POI.
That was because it took 2 years and I kept assuming that they weren’t going through.


I normally just set “unable to find an appropriate location” button when this happens, people sometimes send too many location edits, its really difficult to actually find the most accurate one.


If the majority of them are very close like this, so it really doesn’t matter which, I’ve been zooming out until there’s one circle obviously on top of a bunch more and clicking the top one in the stack.


These are super annoying, especially for places without Street View. With Street View, it can be a little easier, but the dots can also obscure the correct location.

And yes, before we had edits in Contribution Management, not everyone remembered how long ago they submitted edits, and if they submitted them more than once.


If it doesn’t appear in GSV it’s very confusing, just click “unable to find an appropriate location” button :sweat_smile:

Clicking unable to determine would eventually cause removal, correct? :+1:t2:

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I don’t believe so. I think it keeps it at the current location.

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Does it reject all of them, or is it closer to a Skip?

Because if it does not reject all of them, then more are going to get submitted and it will just get worse.

Unfortunately, there were many similar cases with several alternative locations. I think it ruined my wayfarer score.

I suspect that if you choose one out of ten, quite a lot of people will be wrong and get an foul in the system?