Low Quality Submissions

I’m relatively new to Wayfarer and a common theme I come upon are very low effort, generic submissions of a random street sign, a bench, a bus stop, etc. and just skip them to continue on. What do you usually do when you come across low quality submissions? Generic business doesn’t really apply towards a street sign or a bench after all.

This current review flow doesnt really give us an obvious way to reject things that are safe permanent etc but just plain boring, like a standard bench.

We used to be able to reject things for not meeting the criteria which made more sense.

Now I just give a thumbs up for the first 4 categories, because a bench is safe, permanent, appropriate, distinct from its surroundings etc etc but isn’t a good place to exercise, explore or socialise, so I thumbs down those 3 as my way of saying “this doesn’t meet any criteria”


While I read others use the “not distinct” option. Although, the reason given to the nominee will be “temporary or seasonal”. So that isn’t helpful. Although “wayfarer criteria” is what would likely come up when you reject the last 3 categories.
I often to the same and thumbs up the first 4 and thumbs down the other 3.

If is a generic or mass produced bench I use the no distinct rejection, same for a lot of stuff that falls under the same premise


Im pretty sure if you thumbs down the last 3 it doesnt actually mean that you rejected the nomination

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Theres an Wayfarer Challenge atm, with lots of contributions from the USA.

I disagree that a bench is “not distinct.” Unless it’s in a large set of other benches that are all the same, it is distinct in the area. I can find it when I’m nearby. It’s just… not interesting and doesn’t meet the criteria.

Hence, I am giving a thumbs down specifically to the three criteria-related questions.

If that is not rejecting the submission, then there is something seriously wrong with the way the reviews are working.

I’m not going to lie and say something is not distinct when it is distinct enough to find. Similarly, I’m not going to call a bench a generic business—that’s also a lie. If the rejection is supposed to mean simply a generic item of any kind, then it needs renaming. Until then, I’m not using it for any item that is not a business.


This has been updated. Submitters will now see:


You can disagree, I’m not going to try to convince you. For me they are not distinct in any case and I will reject them even if is the unic bench in the street as they are mass produced, that makes them no distinct from others. That’s why we are told to use our best judgement.


The bots here are holding up posts. Seems like they dont want to fix the problems to non valid portal creations. Best one so far is a vacant block of land.

It baffles me to no end that Niantic decided to remove the option from the review flow that allows reviewers to reject low quality/generic nominations as ‘not meeting the criteria’. Sure, reviewers could just thumbs down the last three options for socializing/exercise/exploration but it’s not clear that doing so actually leads to a rejection (hence the valid concern that a lot of junk is being let through). If doing so does lead to a rejection, then it should say that in the review flow. In the meantime, rejecting junk nominations as ‘not distinct’ seems like the best way to unequivocally guarantee a rejection on nominations that should be rejected for not meeting the criteria for a high quality nomination.

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