Feature idea: New voting option: Low Quality Object

A new voting option in Wayfarer for low quality objects, something like this?

Selecting thumb down will end the review.

Second version (added 23.5.2024):

It could also look something like this:


In it’s correct state, that’s actually under the “Accuracy?” question which I think it’s better to be an extra click before confirming it’s bad

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Where is it under accuracy?

I agree! and wish people would’ve always have to write in a reason to assure it’s being rejected not to speed through a review or quick erroneous judgement but at least the option is there. if you write in a reason you give the submitter more to work off of and/or to learn from for future submission.


choose ‘i dont know’ or tap ‘thumbs down’ in the “Accuracy” category and the screenshot of options above appears.

Yes but none of those options say the item is bad, ineligible or anything, just that the image, title or description are bad.

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I don’t see this as being needed, as if you review a submission that doesn’t meet criteria, we already have options to reject. If it isn’t a distinct place/object, you can thumbs down on Permanent and District. If it’s a chain business, you can thumbs down on Appropriate and choose Generic business.

Also, what would even make something “low-quality” to begin with? I know people who don’t think distinct, area-specific murals inside Walmarts aren’t great because of their subjective view of art!

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and the last checkbox option you can type in whatever reason you like and explain how and why you think “item is bad”.

I thought we were warned not to do that?

Tell me how to reject a standard memorial bench then?


Accuracy is only for the photos, title, description, and location of the nomination. If you want to include a note about why the title is bad, such as the nomination is listed as something else on Google Maps or via a web search, you can do that. You can also include the correct location if you are unable to move the marker to correct one due to being too far away.

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no you’re warned not just to select “Generic business” or in old system 1-star without good reason and possibly just to get through reviews faster. Making it take a bit more effort to reject is to be fair to everyone. Good submissions are rejected all the time as well in haste.

Permanent and Distinct thumbs down is what I’ve been doing for memorial benches. I don’t think they fall under sensitive location, since many are in parks, trails, businesses, etc.


But they are both permanent and distinct… they have a unique inscription on each.

Even if we have decided that this isnt enough to make a waypoint, it is enough to be distinct from other benches.

I’m not going to vote something is not distinct when it is.

Before this new(ish) review flow, we did have an option for “does not meet critiera”. That was what I would like to select here. The best I can do is to do thumbs down for the 3 criteria questions. That is my truthful review.


Memorial benches are still ineligible, per the criteria:

Since most of these have just been paid for by family/friends, and there may be many in the same area, they really aren’t distinct. There’s nothing unique about a memorial bench dedicated to someone’s grandparent that just happened to live in the city it’s in.


I usually choose not permanent. Unless they say the plaque was installed in 2023 for £1,300 and will be removed in 2027.

Nobody has ever went into that much detail yet. I get what you are saying though often I’m choosing the best rejection reason I can find that sort of fits which doesn’t really help anyone.


I never said they were eligible

I said they were ineligible but impossible to accurately reject.

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Keep reading as to why I don’t think they are distinct.

Permanent isn’t “this wil be there forever”. It’s “this is not designed to be seasonally removed”

5 years is plenty of time to be permanent enough for me. In 5 years the waypoint can be removed if it no longer exists. But actually these boring benches in my area have not changed ever since the game started in 2016 so thats as permanent as Pokemon Go at least lol


It is distinct because I can pick it out from the surroundings by reading the unique inscription

It contains a unique name, birth and death date and a quote or message. That is distinct. It may not be creative or cool enough to be a waypoint but it is distinct.