Mass poke stop removal

I recently logged on to my account today and noticed all trail markers had been removed. This is very sad considering that 50% of POI’s on my rural area were trail markers and gyms have been removed. They used to be fit to the criteria. What happened?

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Could you share the location?

Vassøy, stavanger

I got this waypoint accepted but it has been removed withh uh no explanation, along with every other one.

Is there any way niantic could replenish all of these?

This style of flexible vinyl markers have been problematic.
I will draw this to the attention of the relevant Ambassador.
@Trollfarer do you want to look into this further please.

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You need to stop targetting individuals.

Please remember to respect everyone, and avoid making such comments.
We do not know what happened here. It could easily have been reported by a Wayfinder.

I do understand the problems you have had but try not to individualise.


I am on it


Speaking of those problems, is there any ambassador that’s in charge of the general BeNeLux area or something?

No ambassador is in charge of an area. There are multiple ambassadors in the vicinity. But if you have something specifically with Benelux you can always reach out to me, and I’ll see what I can do


Tysm, if it turns out these were falsely removed, would they be readded or would I have to renominate all of them?

Keep calm and trust the ambassador :slightly_smiling_face:

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In my thread about a massive number of removed trail markers, they restored a few and basically told me to go resubmit everything else. So don’t get your hopes up.

And then when I started resubmitting the other trail markers, they were all removed again within days of being accepted.

Long story short: Niantic still hates trail markers, even though their criteria now say they’re eligible, and they will gladly remove them again.

Idk man, my experience with niantic has been good so far, no problems except this one on my side.

Does anybody know when all these trail markers were removed? Also I don’t believe a wayfarer reported them as we have a community of around 15 active people on the island that are all very happy about the initiative I took with bringing a lot of new POIs to the island. I’ve created 2 new gyms and added around 15 new stops for our rural community to use. The whole island is safe to access and we have a strong community that regularly takes walks and discusses possible new POIs. As you’d probably expect, when it came to our attention all trailmarkers had been removed, removing most of our POIs and 2 gyms, we were very disappointed. This is the second time niantic has screwed over our rural community as we had another incident last year where the local shop was suddenly deleted without explanation, and it was a very good position, central to the island, and poof, it was gone, and the gym that I walked past everyday was gone and replaced by a trail marker poke stop about 4 meters away and a new gym appeared in the forest.

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Make a post in Wayspot Appeals with links to the pictures of Wayspots you got approved, but are gone now.

From Niantic Wayfarer click on the picture. Click again so it opens in a different tab. Copy the link from that tab into your removal appeal request.

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Did u figure something out