Waystops removal appeal

I live in a rural area in Belgium. The possibility for waystops is very limited in our area so we need to resort to biking and hiking trails.
In my neighbourhood I have nominated some of those not being greedy but combining several markers in one stop. Most of these remain on the map until now.
I would like to appeal to the removal of 2 stops that keep getting removed over and over. They went through nomination, acceptance and removal for 5 times already.
Stops in question are:

Fietsroute 67 - Murkel
(51.1588783, 3.5140743)

Adegem, Belgium

Fietsroute 50 - Kruipuit
(51.1604227, 3.5162808)

Adegem, Belgium

I would really appreciate to find out why these get deleted over and over? Can someone help pls?



Thanks for the appeal, @wouter949. We discussed these internally and decided that these do not meet requirements to be restored. These are not trail markers but street signs pointing to junction locations. We apologize for the confusion.


Thank you for the consideration and prompt action!
Edit: tnx for absolutely nothing.
Let me show you the difference beteween a street sign and a trail in our part of the world:
Street sign:
2024-07-09 16_38_20-2 Kon. Astridplein
Trail marker:

Sorry mate, it seems I might’ve inadvertedly gotten your portals removed again. I’m trying to get dozens of the same portals restored and used yours as an example, but it seems Niantic would rather disappoint everyone and remove yours (and still refuse to restore mine) instead of restoring everything and making everyone happy.


Ah seriously come on.
What is a trail marker but a marker pointing to a route and inadvertently pointing you in a direction so therefore….
There really making it hard to play if you don’t live in a city.

So please define trail marker more thoroughly?
I thought the point of these marker is pointing you in the right direction on the trail on a junction hence exactly what you say in yours above.

Yeah, for some reason Niantic doesn’t consider the junction-based trail networks that are commonplace in the Netherlands and Belgium as “worthy”, even though they’re nation-wide, government-supported, thoroughly mapped out and as close to the pinnacle of legitimacy as you can get.

And yet there are thousands of approved wayspots like that out there :roll_eyes:.

Yep. There’s still hundreds of them in my city as well, but adding new ones or asking to restore old ones is apparently a big no-no.