Mass review of my account?

I know I’m sounding like that guy, but since finding this app I’ve been reviewing my past rejected submitions and to many have strange reject reasons.

Yeah dinner of them are bad but here’s some examples

Wow, this has to be frustrating for you. It is hard for me to go over so many at once. Do you have one you are particularly wanting to either appeal or resubmit that we can discuss first?

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I’ve got more than I can count, look how small the scrolling bar is

Often graffiti which isnt considered “artwork” ie just tags is marked as temporary because it will get cleaned off, or painted over.

So i believe that’s what happened here. This one isn’t just a scribbled tag, but its not a beautiful mural etiher. So a difficult one to get accepted- you’d have to prove it had some significance and give a really good writeup.

If its a sign for the hostel then make that clearer. Might need more of a description for example.

Can we see the whole nomination, including title and support info?

This was top of the list so first thoughts from me, too. It’s better than the basic “graffiti tag” that I encourage to reject but not necessarily “art” you would to out of the way to visit. It is artistic, though, and presumably put up by the hostel, so it shouldn’t be considered vandalism or temporary.

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I’ve got so many others.

I’ve been adding since you first could in ingress

This one says its at a school - schools for 18 and under are categorically ineligible - so nothing would be accepted there and if it was by accident then it would be removed.

So i wouldn’t submit this again due to the location

If it was elsewhere - not at a school - then i think it would be easily accepted


I love the views and scenes.

The nominations rejected before the new review :+1::-1: system, if it was rejected for “Not visually unique” or “Not culturally significant” were usually because something very similar exists nearby that could have been mistaken as a duplicate. Blanket advice for those scenarios is to check the nearby and frame the nomination better as a unique feature.

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It’s a mural on a pedestrian passage way on the outside of a school

Maybe for some of them but I think I have 100 of them

This is a pesky american style interpretation of how property and boundaries work. So if its on the outside wall of the school it would be unlikely to be accepted.

I believe Niantic would say if the wall is the school boundary then anything on the wall is ineligible too.

This same rule applies to the walls of houses. Not apartments though.

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Most of them are in south Africa

It’s just best to avoid anything that is school property, including their outer boundary wall.

For sure one or 5 are invalid but the other?

A thread was set up on the old Wayforum and in a global Discord group with hundreds of examples. I think only 1 or 2 didn’t fit that explanation. I do think it’s changed since the :+1::-1: model, though, so it may not be consistent anymore.

I know your situation may always be different but almost all of them sort of “made sense” if you used mental gymnastics that you know some reviewers use.

Looking more at them ⁹⁰% are in south Africa

With such lame reject reasons

There are a lot of nominations here.
In order to help you could you tell us a few things so we can word our support in the best way. If you don’t want to say that’s ok.
It sounds as though you have logged on to the wayfarer site for the first time recently and seen all your contributions is that correct?
Does that also mean you are only just seeing the rejection reasons?
Hopefully you have some acceptances too.
There seems to be a range of places so you have travelled around?
Are you seeing that some places had a different chance of acceptance?
Last question :sunglasses: honestly, did these rejections trickle in over time or appear recently?

Any background you can say will be helpful :+1:


How’s it?


Yes, many :grin:

I’ve just found this community and was looking for some to bring up but found too many

If you could message me I have one guess for many of them

It looks like most of these are from 2018, way too long to look into, they could be gone by now. I suggest resubmitting them because while some may be duplicates and I believe you are off on some locations (like the one you put in the water) some of those rejections are poor reviewers.

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For sure there’s some to reject.

But for that one there I took great care to get it right on the satélite and real world