Max photos on pokestop but more still get accepted

A gym has six photos on it and I have received emails of other photo confirmations on that particular gym. How do you remove the old photos to be replaced by new ones as it is graffiti and changes regularly

I don’t know of any “max” photo count. If a photo needs to be removed, you can submit evidence to help chat. If the graffiti changes regularly, should it be a Wayspot?


I’m not sure graffiti is thought one as a legal walls where murals are done get refreshed and change every few months I personally would welcome the idea, I think it would be amazing to see a collection of the art that has been there over time

The Elizabeth Tower/ Big Ben whatever you want to call it has around 70 photos so I’m not sure there’s a limit.

I like the idea of having a catalogue of past murals too. It would be difficult to implement though as some others don’t.

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The maximum number of photos that can be linked in Pokémon GO is 50. More than 50 may exist on the Wayspot or Ingress Portal but I forget those limits or if there is one.

You may need to scroll to see more than 6. If that isn’t working, you can select an imagine and “swipe” to sometimes view additional photos if they haven’t synced, yet.

If you contact support, they may remove out of date photos that no longer represent the Wayspot. However some people prefer having that history tied.