Microbrewery not accepted?

This nomination was twice rejected, since when is a microbrewery a liquor-oriented business?

Description (English Translation as it is in dutch)
Visit Ronse’s only microbrewery and learn how beer is made! Since 2016, Gert Keunen has been making the only beer made on Ronsian territory. There is even its own hop field to visit and beer tastings are regularly organized!

and in my appeal text I also referred to the official site of the city of Ronse where they are mentioned as a tourist attraction: https://www.ontdekronse.be/en/keun-microbrewery
(ontdek ronse = discover ronse)

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Thats really sad! I remember going on a tour of a whiskey distillery as a small child. It was a tourist attraction and sounds very similar to what you’re submitting. It was definitely something families could visit, very educational as you saw all the processes for producing the product. I dont think alcohol = children not allowed across much of Europe, although maybe America is different. I feel like we’re often being judged to a different cultural standard on wayfarer.

It is sad, by that same standard, not a single bar should be eligible anymore which is ludicrous, this is not the same as a liquor store!

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A normal shop selling beer (or anything really) is mostly not eligible, but I would say its very clear in this nomination that there is a big social and exploration/educational element here that I would say means it meets 2 criteria

It looks like it’s by the side of the road, so pedestrian access is questionable. The sign also does not look permanent (even if it’s been there for a long time).

That having been said, I’ve seen breweries and distilleries as wayspots. They’re not the same as liquor stores - many are open to visitors, and there is no age restriction on visiting… buying alcohol is of course restricted.

For example:

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I think Breweries and Distilleries can be eligible but they have to be framed well. Some things I’d think about if I was to make a nomination:

  • you need to show (not just tell) reviewers that it is family friendly (not exclusive to adults 18/21 whatever in your region)
  • adding information about tours can be incredibly helpful if they have them
  • the nomination photo needs to be something distinctly permanent, easily found/identifiable, and not focused on the alcohol (taps, vats, stills, etc…)
  • many of these locations have a games section, picnic tables, etc. - these items are great as a supplementary photo that encourages socializing

Just a few thoughts, hope it helps

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