Brewery Wayspots - official stance?

There are more and more family friendly breweries popping up all over the place. Many having some pretty cool artwork, and other attractions. I see sometimes wayspots being denied due to the location being inappropriate. as it is “in a liquor oriented business.” Yet many of these locations are family friendly - I mean I was just at a brewery that was doing an event where families were dressing up in cosplay there, while a band consisting of 2 kids wither their parents were performing.

I’m all for not nominating wayspots located in liquor stores. But I’m really frustrated in this seemingly wishy-washy rule.

I think the appeals team need to check out some british pubs to see that getting drunk isn’t the point of these places!! They arent for over 18s only - they are places the whole family can visit. They often have playgrounds outside, and some have colouring equipment and games for the children to use at the tables

I think its great if there are more places in the world to enjoy a beer with friends and family. They’re excellent places to be social, and I think the focus on the alcohol being somehow adult/not child friendly is a misunderstanding that needs to be cleared up

Also, cool tree!


I thought that “adult location” meant places for 21+ only.

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Yes, and the description specifically mentions it’s family friendly! I thought that part of the criteria was for rejecting str1p clubs, shops that only sell alcohol (which honestly would not be eligible anyway-generic business!!) or other places where children are specifically prevented from entering at all times.

That age limit varies from country to country too - in the UK you’re an adult at 18. 21 isn’t a significant milestone.


Here is an example of one of the latest ones to open in Cary - check out all the families!


Adult location is for places 18+ as is considered the most common age of majority in the world (or that’s my understanding about that criteria)

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Lol so i should have said locations where you get carded to have your age checked in order to walk in the door - ty for the education y’all.

Out of interest what was it rejected for in the first place?
Do you recall what sort of points you made in the appeal?
They certainly do a lot of events there.

I can’t see what I wrote in the appeal, but this was the initial submission:
“This truly unique artwork is inside the family friendly brewery Dirigible.
Unique artwork. Many families and friends come to this venue for music and games alike.”

It does look like it has a typo in it :frowning: repeating the phrase "unique artwork’

Appeals are done by contractors, offshore from the U.S., where costs (wages) are lower than in the U.S. It’s very likely that they do not have breweries like in the U.S. - it is not part of their culture. Alcohol is possibly even against their national religion. So they would not see the nuance of a place that makes an alcoholic drink yet people bring their kids for games, sidewalk chalk, cornhole - all the social things.

IOW: Appealing a brewery, pub, or tavern is likely to fail. Resubmit and get voters who know the culture.

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I’m not seeing any information being provided that this is indeed a family-friendly spot. If the brewery has a website or social media noting those underage are allowed, even with an adult, that would be great to provide in the supporting info.

Not all breweries in the US are open to those under 21, but some may be during certain daytime hours, or allow kids in certain areas, like an outdoor deck or dining area. If the brewery has this information listed anywhere, especially online, it’s super helpful. It’s one of the 1st things I search for whenever I get a brewery submission here in the US.

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ok good to know!! thanks.

so on their FAQ: