ML Automatic Rejections of Local Shelters

This stop is " עיריית רמת השרון מקלט ציבורי 347" which is the exact same text as the sign that is on the local shelter.

I’ve submitted several POIs for local shelters yesterday and they were all rejected in less than a day, assuming by the ML. I’ve appealed one but don’t have any other appeals now… (altought the copy of the email says i should appeal or resumbit)
another one got auto-appealed becuase it was submitted in March and that one is in the game now.

I started submitting these since remember a discussion in the old forums before the transition saying these meet the criteria and indeed there is another shelter in the same town that was accepted.

I also submitted shelter 342, 346, 347 and 345. the 346 one was accepted the rest rejected and I don’t have any appeal

I’m afraid of resubmitting them and having them rejected again and later get a ban from pokemon for submitting bad POIs as i heard happened to people but these should be approved from what I read before.

Especially since the sign says “עיריית רמת השרון” which is Ramat Hasharon City Hall which is an official government building which is what i tagged

Since the transition to the new forums i can’t find the old post about local shelter, but here is the approved waypoint of another shelter from intel.ingress.

The main Wayspot criteria is being a GREAT place of exercise, exploration, or being social. I am not familiar with these shelters. How would you explain that they meet criteria?

Don’t just say that others have been accepted. I know plenty of live game locations that should never have been accepted.

In my personal experience, I have resubmitted incorrectly rejected Wayspots several times, and there have been no repercussions to my account. But it seems to me that once the ML model has started rejecting something, it will reject it every time. There may be no recourse to these except to appeal every one of them. But hopefully, if they are eligible, your appeals will train the model for the future.


These are official city hall public structures that server as community centers, often have activities or classes inside and serve to protect the public during times of war, hence meet the criteria.

There was a longer discussion in the previous forum about it already and afterwards these started getting accepted but now they don’t anymore.

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ty for the explanation. a community center would definitely be eligible under social criteria. and a city hall would probably be under exploration. the protection during war may actually work against them, because that might trigger the “obstructs emergency services” reason.

Hi @HaMshnee
Is there a reason for the rejection, or only “wayfarer criteria”?

wayfarer critieria IS the rejection reason. i most often see that from ML decisions. i am not sure that can be triggered by regular reviewers but idk.

oh, i did mean to say though, that the ML decision emails currently say “our team” made the decision.

@cyndiepooh I don’t wanted to say that “wayfarer criteria” isn’t a reason. Sorry. I try to ask if there stand a little more

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" Thank you for taking the time to nominate עיריית רמת השרון מקלט ציבורי 347 on May 5, 2024. Explorers like you are critical to creating a unique AR map of the world that shapes adventures for yourselves and others.

Unfortunately, our team has decided not to accept your Wayspot nomination.

Our team found it did not meet the criteria required to be accepted and has been rejected. This decision could be because of the title, description, location, photo, or a combination of criteria. For future nominations, please review our Wayspot criteria help articles to learn more about what makes a good Wayspot.

What can I do about this rejection?
If you feel like this rejection is an error, you have 2 options.

  1. If you can improve the nomination after reviewing the criteria, you can submit a new nomination in-game of the same location with the changes made.
  2. If you feel your existing nomination(s) did fit all criteria, you can appeal the decision to Niantic using the accrued appeals on your Contribution Management page. Note that nominations can only be appealed once, and appealed decisions are final.

Your friends,
The Wayfarer Team

Visit the Wayfarer Forum and join the conversation."

yes that is the ML decision email

actually, i think during the war the safest place to be playing Niantic games is inside these as the law requires, and doesn’t “obstructs emergency services” as these don’t go into shelter, but the public does as they should

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Aside from nomination support, my heart goes out to anyone dealing with war as a fact of life.

I’m not sure but if you submitted them all in one day, the ML might be thinking that this is abusive behaviour :woman_shrugging:t2:
Do you use the same perspective for all? The same text phrases (with changing numbers, that’s clear). Using exact the same text as it is shown on the sign it could also be rejected for third party.
Idk how the maschine was feeded, so all this is guessing.

Each had a slightly variation of text. some in Hebrew some in English.
This particular one I wrote the text verbetim as it appears on the official sign

@cyndiepooh do you know if there’re different email phrases for ML rejected new wayspots?

I don’t know. I do know that now nominations I have seen go into “Niantic voting” also say “our team” decided.