Mother rita Multi purpose Chapel

I like to Inform This area that this is Now upgraded and new Chapel the google Photo is That what i post above Thats a example But that is 8 years ago the Situation now in Motherita home Is now Comfortable for Visitors and place to be… It is A Big chapel For Motherita homes Famous in This Particular area I just Requesting to Approved may Wayspot Cause thier is no enough Pokestops Located here and a lot of players here Now Playing But So Far away In The pokestops in Downtown So We Need a Pokestops Here_ area Of Motherita It Suit The Crateria It is A Chapel By the Way And Wishing Niantic Will Read this And im Begging Need A Gyms And Pokestops Here … Motherita Home The… Google Map Not Updated to Current Place here

Posting here won’t do anything to help your nomination be accepted.

If you’d like feedback on your nomination, you can post the full thing here. It helps if you do this before it goes into voting, so you can still edit it.

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Thank you For your kind Understand consideration hope My req Approved

Kabayan, makikilagay sa supporting info yung detalye kung paano mo matutulungan ang reviewer para mareview nang maayos ang submission. Pwede mong i-highlight na outdated na ang SV pero yung kalugaran ng building ay kaparehas sa picture na ginamit mo (syempre dapat ipakita rin ito sa supporting photo).

Paalala rin po na maaring markahang “influencing reviewers” ang review para sa pag-request ng approval/voting requests. Mas maayos na maipakita kung paano naka-align ang sinusubmit mo sa eligibility at acceptance criteria upang ito ay matanggap.

Thank you for Respond I will Make an Update of this…

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Help me I Do My Best thing I can do Please

@NianticLC please Begging to My req… Please respond

Hi, I don’t think your request can be addressed on here. Both wayspot nominations or edits (unsure which of these you are trying to do) are done through Ingress or Pokémon GO, not through this forum.

I submitted a Wayspot already to Pokemon waiting for Approval but It been a While Although Just need to know If Its Approved by niantic… But please Approve my req pokestop/gyms
You can see your Wayfarer contributions here and its status. If it’s in queue, you can still edit it. If it’s in-voting, it means someone is already reviewing it. The community, Niantic, or ML review contributions.

Typically, it takes about a week for upgraded ones to come into a decision. Regular ones range from 2 weeks to a month nowadays for me.

This is a global forum though, and most people on here are unlikely to review your nomination due to the regions they are in, so again I don’t think we can help with this approval request. Also a kind reminder not to solicit votes for your nominations, this is neither allowed, nor what the forum is for.

As @paulingzubat mentioned, your nomination is likely following one of the forms of the normal voting process. You are welcome to share it in full if it’s still in queue and you’d like feedback on it to improve its chances.

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