Moved POI not showing up

The Following POI is intended to be used in Pokémon Go Game.

I had submitted a move request for an approved POI that was already in game. The “stop” was in its own cell and was just moved to a cell that already had a “gym” in it. Now the moved “stop” isn’t showing in game. I’m not sure if two “stops” in the same cell are allowed in Pokémon Go anymore. Or if it’s to close to the other POIs so it’s not showing up.

This is the POI

This was the move.

This is the distance.

only one poi for PoGo in one cell lvl17 i think it is, so it was moved to be deleted. If it was moved to the place where it really is, fine, if not, game abuse i think

This is working as intended. There was previously a bug where location edits didn’t get checked against the proximity rules, but this was fixed a long time ago so that the feature can no longer be abused.

As said above me, only 1 stop per lvl 17 cell. There are 2 POIs in one lvl 17 cell now, here is a screenshot from Pokestop cells with the marker of the old poistion