Moving a POI to its correct place

I have started creating new POIs in my area because they were very few in my neighborhood.

And I noticed that this POI is not correctly placed. i think that the person that created it put it there to reach it from its house.

The correct position of the POI should be this:

Is there a way to move the POI to its correct position? I’ m sorry if this is an obvious question, I’m new at creating POIs and with wayfarer.

Thank you, and sorry for my bad english.

You can use help chat to get them to correct a wayspot location. When you go to Niantic Wayfarer a chat bubble will pop up.

They will want evidence of the correct location.


You could also try submitting an edit in-game, assuming this is below 10 m and assuming the wayspot appears in a game where you are high enough level to submit location edits. Otherwise, what Cyndie said.


ty for clarification! i had assumed they were asking here because they couldn’t submit an edit through ingress, but they did not say that.

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Thank you for the most universal solution :slight_smile: thought as much, but thought I’d outline all the options

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