My Approved Wayspots don’t appear in game for months

I have 2 wayspots that I nominated for Pokémon go, and they were accepted. But still have not shown up in the game on my map, and it’s been a few months. This is disappointing. Can anything be done about this?


You are not actually submitting stops/gyms for PoGo, but instead Wayspots to be added to the Lightship map. Lightship is the map that all Niantic games can choose game play locations from. However, each game have their own density rules, with PoGo using S2 cells and Ingress using a 20 meter rule. If there are already other game play locations in the area, this may be why your approved Wayspots are not in PoGo. Also, there is no guarantee that any Wayspot will appear in any Niantic game.

Sorry for any disappointment. I myself have nominated Wayspots that aren’t in PoGo, but I’m glad to add to the map and possibly to other Niantic games.


When you have a wayspot accepted, the email say it’s possible the new wayspot doesn’t show in all Niantic games. In this case the wayspots were accepted and exist in Niantic BD but it can be showed in one or none of the games ( Lightship can show them)