My wayspot is not in the game?

Recently my nomination got approved by appeal, it was a nomination on pokemon go, but now, has passed 4 days and it is not on the game, I know that not all the POI are on every Niantic products, but my friends and me play Monster hunter, Pikmin and Ingress Prime and is not in any of them. I know there are some other POI near but I’ve seen places that have much more really close, I don’t understand very well how the cells works tbh, but I think is not breaking any rule. Is sad because the community is really active in heare and we don’t have many wayspots

It’s blocked from appearing in Go by Victorian Square Fountain which looks like it is also blocking it from appearing in Ingress.

I don’t think other Niantic products have a regular or updated sync with the map.

You can learn about the rules for Go here

S2 cells

Ingress I believe has a 20m spacing rule although I don’t play so someone else might be able to give you better info. I haven’t got a clue which rulesets the other Niantic products use.

If you are looking to add other things I can see a few bits here and there with just a quick look.

There will probably be loads more to someone walking around. I’m also not au fait with the US landscape from a map point of view so these may be completely ineligible.


Ooh I see, that makes sense, thanks a lot for the clarification!! I’ll try to nominate all those wayspots

I wasn’t sure which were or were not on school grounds. Those areas tend to be a bit more clear cut in the UK than in the US.

It was just from a quick perusal of the area :slight_smile:

Please be careful, several of those screenshots look like school property.