Name sign of an apartment building

Can somebody please confirm if apartment building signs can be a portal?

This is the portal in question with a link to the street view.

please address this.


They rarely meet any of the acceptance criteria, but sometimes get approved. Unfortunately they don’t meet removal criteria so once they’re in they’re stuck.



I would not have approved this apartment sign if it came up in review, as it’s pretty generic and not distinct. This one just has the name of the apartment and phone number, so it’s more of an advertisement than anything else.

It’s a pretty standard apartment sign, and, unfortunately, since it’s been approved, as some used to see these as acceptable, it cannot be removed. Removal criteria is a lot stricter than acceptance criteria; removal requests can only be made for Wayspots on private property, schools, where they obstruct emergency services, no pedestrian access, permanently removed, or duplicate of another Wayspot.

However, there are some exceptions to neighborhood/apartment signs, as previously mentioned. These would be signs that include other eligible features, like a water fountain, unique are (sculpture, carving, etc), or even a pergala/gazebo. This example from the Unique Art criteria clarification is a good example of what is acceptable:

Neighborhood/apartment/subdivision signs continue to be a hot topic here in the forums, and we do hope that a criteria clarification on them gets added in the future.