New Forum: Favorite Wayspots!

We have such a talented group of artists locally, and a city that lives to showcase them and their art.


Here’s another favourite of mine, you absolutely would not know that this tiny village has such a beautiful and well-hidden church if you just passed through. Wikipedia gave me the lead on this one. The light was just right when I got there, the setting sun was shining through the trees making it look spectacular.


I was looking at submissions the other day and realize I have a history of places dating as far back as 2013.


Similar to Pale Blue Dot.
A pale blue person climbs out of an Edinburgh watering hole.


Looks like he is starting there and ending his journey in Boise

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This an awesome two-story mural! We are featuring this as our Wayspot of the Week on the podcast! Episode will drop Sunday 10am UTC. Thanks for posting this. @Glawhantojar is as excited as I am!


Ah nice :blush::ok_hand:t2:


A friend of mine submitted this and I can see it from my house.

The issue is he titled it " Meta globe sculpture"
He meant it to be “Metal Globe Sculpture”

It’s one of my favorites because I still tease him about it to this day. Its an actual typo mistake that kinda-sorta-maybe still works…

Me: What did you get from the Meta Globe on your way here…
Him: Shut up…


You could try a title edit on it. Or maybe he can to stop your teasing!

Heck No… Where’s the fun in that???

I honestly don’t know if he has tried, or if title edit has been rejected. META kind of, sorta of, does work. Ala Facebook/Meta. It worked enough to get accepted in first place.

Where from my own personal experience title typos usually don’t pass. I had JTcomica rejected when my resubmit of JTcomics sailed through almost instantly. Darn QWERTY

It’s always fun to have an inside joke! I’d probably even correct it by capitalizing it, so maybe someone doesn’t change it later.

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My FAVORITE entry from the challenge.



It translated to:
"Almost Crab Shrine

Almost Crab Shrine is a shrine that enshrines the Lord Crab.

It is a healing place provided by Kanetetsu Delicatessen Foods."

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