"No pedestrian access" but it's literally on the side of the street

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: Little Free Library

  • Location (lat/lon): 46.180351,9.022790

  • City: Ravecchia (Bellinzona)

  • Country: Switzerland

  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):

  • Additional Information (if any): I was walking my dog and saw this homemade little free library positioned near the PO box, and found it a nice idea.
    Per Wayfarer criteria little free libraries are eligible, so I submitted it but it got rejected by the community (as you can see street view is not updated there, but the place is undoubtedly the same as the submission).
    So I appealed it:

“Doesn’t have a pedestrian access” but it’s literally on the side of the street near the PO box…
Yeah there’s no walkway, but it’s common here for such “mountain” roads.
Is there something I am missing here?


It doesn’t appear that there is pedestrian access after looking at the location on Google Maps and Street View, such as a sidewalk. It does appear that this road is mainly for vehicle access, especially since there are several driveways for the homes nearby. Yes, pedestrians may use it, but it may not always be safe for pedestrians.

Also, it looks to be on private property, and Little Free Libraries on private properties are not eligible. There is additional information about LFLs eligibility here:

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Hi, I’m afraid this is not a mountain road, this is someone’s driveway. It is very clear on the ground where the property line is.

Little free libraries can be eligible but there are also rejection criteria such as being on single-family private residential property or not having pedestrian access. The private residential property part here is the bigger problem and this has no chance because of that. I would suggest finding something else to nominate.