Not a fan of a few things on this new forum

It all looks nice and everything, but ive noticed a few peeves

  1. Cant really tell who anyone is replying to, ive had notifications that people have replied to a comment, click on it cant tell who done it lol.

  2. People who have seen me on the forums know my spelling is bad, but on the old forums at least sometimes it would autocorrect, now it doesnt autocorrect at all. My big fingers and fast reading of my comments really arent going to help here lol


I’ve noticed that the mobile version doesn’t autocorrect spelling. I’m not sure anything can be done about that. I have been trying to train myself to read each sentence looking for errors.

There’s two ways to show a reply on here and I hate it.

  1. There’s the reply button that I’m doing right now. My icon will show up on the top right of your post.

and then there’s:

  1. The non confusion method is pressing the first button in the message editor. It looks like a conversation bubble.

I agree, its difficult to follow conversations because its difficult to see who is replying, it feels like it doesn’t always show, but I havent tested it yet.

Lack of spellcheck is definitely an issue.

Edit : @MoogModular and I have both replied here but neither is showing as a reply to me, just a standard comment.

Absolutely. I think when I’m scrolling through a thread with quotes my brain subconsciously pulls the info of what is relevant and compartmentalizes it, I’m sure there is a scientific term for it.

Without them st4pid me has to put in a bit more effort. Maybe that’s a good thing but it’s also extremely annoying

Edit - edit removed me quoting you :slight_smile:

I think it does a thing where if you are replying to someone in the intended way by using the correct arrow right under their message, but the website then forces you to refresh your draft because you either switched tabs or apps, either have low connection, either something else, the draft is reloaded but reply link is then lost. Happened to me a few times now.

I am doing it this way, on wifi and not switching out but it still doesn’t show the icon to indicate that it’s a reply. I am currently on mobile, will test on desktop later.

I see no reply icons from anyone on this thread at all.

Me either on mobile

I am replying by hitting the small arrow on your comment instead of the large orange/red reply button. Lets see what shows up.

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Me too, to you.

Oh, one other annoying thing, email notifications for every reply amd reaction lol please tell me theres a way to stop that lol

Go to your profile or click your username above.
Click the G.
Settings cog

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When topics are gone without a word :pensive:
Where is @hankwolfman s topic (report a bug, main picture in pogo doesn’t change)?

This is the first reply that that I see the icon on, I only see the black reply arrow under the comment as a way to reply, or do you mean the red on at the bottom of this text box?

When you use the black reply arrow (circled in green), it should show who you are replying to.

When you use the red/orange button (circled in red), youre just making a general reply to the whole post and it won’t be linked to a specific response.

Hmm, maybe the person’s icon you are replying to with the black only appears if there is a comment in between that you are not replying to. Otherwise, it assumes you know its a reply?

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Perhaps, the inconsistency makes it confusing if that’s the case, it would be better to always show it as a reply regardless.

Where is the colour blind, yes colour does have a u, setting for this post?

I was going to reply to that as I have about 8 Wayspots with added pictures that will not change at all irrespective of how many votes each picture has with some that have been like that for more than 6 months.

Went off to moan about my Bowling club rejection

I’m a Scot we invented moaning!

Now I can’t see that post either :pensive:

Thank you

No different on desktop, although I do notice it shows when there are 2+ replies on the bottom left of a comment that has replies now. These do not show up on mobile (Android)

Edit, replying on desktop does show the icon as it should!