Now Live: Upload Management for Pokémon GO

Hi folks,

I wanted to let everyone know about a long requested feature that has just arrived in Pokémon GO: Upload Management!

This feature has been live in Ingress for some time now, but eligible Pokémon GO players are now able to delay their AR Scans of PokéStops and Gyms as well as their photo contributions. This will allow you to hold off on submitting uploads if you are in a location with limited cell service or want to preserve cellular data. You will notice an ‘Upload Later’ button on the upload screen.

Additionally, you can now upload multiple AR scans or photo contributions at once and/or manage your upload queue. You can manage your upload queue from the Settings page of Pokémon GO.

Nomination management, where you can delay submitting new Wayspot nominations, is currently in development and is anticipating being launched in the second half of 2021.

Thanks for your patience while we finalized and launched this improvement to the nomination experience!

Updated to correct incorrect information shared around nomination management.
(originally posted on April 2021)

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