Uploaded nominations do not show up in Wayfarer

  • Description of the issue: Not all nominations uploaded through the “Upload Later” function of Ingress show up in my Wayfarer Contributions. I do not receive an email confirmation for these missing nominations but a nomination is used up in-game.
  • Dates experienced: May 20 and June 23
  • Pixel 4a 5g, Android 14
  • Ingress version 2.143.2

Between May 19 and 20, I attempted several batch uploads of nominations from Ingress using the “Upload Later” function. The nominations successfully left Ingress and were no longer listed in the uploads management screen. Over 20 successfully showed up in Wayfarer, but at least 5 did not. In this instance, I was unfortunately using a slow connection and assumed these were lost due to network lag.

I tried again last night with a batch of three recent nominations using “Upload Later”. However, this time I was on a fast, reliable private wifi network. The nominations appeared to upload within seconds from Ingress’ Upload Management screen, but I only received notification for one of them (garden). Can someone confirm please if the other two (church and trail map) have been lost? How do I avoid this in the future?

It is frustrating to see that the nominations appear to have left successfully from the Ingress side, but then they don’t arrive on the Wayfarer side.

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Hello! I just wanted to confirm that this also happened to me today. I made a nomination in PoGo, it took one of my nominations, and never showed up in the contributions page.

Also had this happen yesterday. Ate up a nomination, but no email and not showing up on Contributions. Had to drive back to nominate again. Runnin Ingress on latest version, if that helps.

Hey Guys, I looked into it and I see that the submissions in question were not processed completely. This can be probably due to network lag/issue. I would recommend re-submit it again if haven’t been done.

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Thanks @NianticOren ! Will this still result in only one nomination being used, or will it use two if we renominate?

If they weren’t processed, they shouldn’t eat up a nomination.


I don’t have this problem but I want to know about submit later button from Ingress, my app doesn’t show the option but my old smartphone had it… are there some phone requirements for that? :eyes:

I’m not positive about the details, but I know that currently Ingress is moving to added security for phones. @PkmnTrainerJ may be able to give you better Insight on this.

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@xLilPoundcake @Siinnie Even though the upload failed, it regrettably consumes a nomination from the slot. Right now, I would classify it as an abnormality. Let us know if this repeats and we’ll look further.


it’s probably something the Ingress team needs to investigate, I’m not sure abnormality is how I’d describe it. it happens frequently enough that I suspect I could intentionally reproduce it on command but since I can’t spare the nominations I won’t

The same thing described here happened to me back in may as well, I created this post as well for Niantic to loom at.

It will take another slot from your available nominations. Unfortunately, this is completely automated and we cannot re-add the lost nomination. Please make sure that you’re connected to a strong network while submitting nominations.

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Thanks for getting back to us all, Aaron! Just to let you know, I was at home submitting on my regular high-speed network and had just submitted five others with no issues beforehand. Just so you’re aware, it may not be a network issue all the time.

There are two reasons this can happen. First, when there are fluctuations in the network and second when the file size (image) is too big.


Thank you for being so specific! That helps!