One week accepted, nothing showing up

As you can see at the photos attached, the Wayspot was accepted 24th April at 7am local time (Spain). The location is a free S17 cell, and it does not show up either in Pokemon Go, Ingress or Pimkin… for a week.

I got several wayspots accepted after this one showing up alongside the 48h that the email says.

I uploaded the wayspot through Pokemon Go, by an iPhone device.

It is within 20m of and the same level 17 s2 cell as “ San Damián de Molokai”

Looking at the location in your screenshot, it appears reviewers correctly moved it to the correct location.

You should not nominate in incorrect locations.


This is likely working as intended.

When you submit a nomination it is for wayspots in the Lightship database. Your accepted nominations are stored there.

Each game (Pokémon Go, Ingress, Pikman, Peridot, MHNow) have inclusion rules that they apply to the Lightship database to populate their unique game boards. As others are explaining in more detail, this wayspot doesn’t work for the inclusion rules of the games you play.